2020 - 2021 Boys Coaching Staff

Downey FC B2010
Head Coach: Jose Gomez
Team Admin: Blanca Gomez
Contact Info: DowneyFCRebels2010@gmail.com 

​Downey FC B2005

Head Coach: Jose Jaimes

Team Admin: Christina Almaguer

Contact Info: dj.jj96@yahoo.com

Downey FC B2005
Head Coach: Felipe Caro
Team Admin: 
Contact Info: fcaro.fc@icloud.com

2020- 2021 Girls Coaching Staff  

Downey FC G2003
Head Coach: Ernesto Zendejas
Team Admin: Janet Quintero
Contact Info: jaquintero77@yahoo.com 

Downey FC G2003 

HeadCoach: Jose Gutierrez
Team Admin: Eddie Serrano
Contact Info: ctjoseg@aol.com

If you are a coach interested in starting a new team or have an existing team. 

David Bennett, President     

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Downey FC
P.O. Box 4352
Downey CA 90241 

“Winners Are Not Players That Never Fail, But Players Who Never Quit”